Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM) Israel Englander Department of Dermatology residents participate in daily morning didactic sessions, and dedicate one afternoon per week to didactics.

Morning Report

Residents participate in a weekly morning report with their program director, during which challenging inpatient and outpatient issues are discussed, with focus placed on diagnostic evaluation and therapeutic modalities. Additionally, a weekly morning report with the inpatient consultation service director is held to discuss inpatient case descriptions, morphology and differential diagnoses.

Super Surgical Tuesdays

Once monthly, residents dedicate time to surgical curriculum including excision, flap and graft, laser, resurfacing procedure, hair transplantation, neurotoxin, filler, chemical peel and nail procedure education. During this time, residents, attending physicians and procedural fellows receive a lecture followed by a hands-on session with cadaver lab patients or synthetic simulation models.

Book Review & Basic Science

A weekly, interactive book review lecture allows residents to review the fundamental concepts of dermatologic disease based on textbooks, clinical pearls and recent literature. These sessions include core curriculum to ensure that residents are exposed to the wide range of dermatology in a systematic approach.

Through the basic science lecture series, residents understand how these fundamentals, including skin structure and molecular pathways, translate to clinical practice.

Faculty Lectures

Faculty lectures supplement book review curriculum based on clinical interest and expertise. Board review lectures are also offered to help residents prepare for their dermatology board certification exam. 36 faculty lectures were given as part of resident curriculum during the 2014-15 academic year.

Journal Club

Residents meet twice monthly to review articles from major dermatology journals, with emphasis placed on the understanding of evidence-based medicine. An attending physician is present to help foster and facilitate discussion and encourage critical thinking.

Kodachrome Sessions

Kodachrome sessions allow WCM dermatology residents to focus on visual recognition, description, morphology and differential diagnosis.

Dermatopathology & Clinical Pathology Correlation Conferences

Residents prepare themselves for a specific topic and meet weekly with attending dermatopathology physicians at the microscope. Additionally, weekly clinical pathology correlation conferences with fellows and attending physicians allow residents to focus on the prior week's interesting cases and board-relevant diagnoses.

Local Conferences

Residents attend monthly Dermatologic Society of Greater New York and New York Academy of Medicine meetings. First-year residents are required to attend the Annual Dermoscopy Intermediate Course at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Skin of Color Education

The Center for Diverse Skin Complexions at Weill Cornell Medicine is committed to improving skin of color education for students at various stages of training in order to ensure that the next generation of physicians is competent in treating the many skin conditions that most impact patients with more heavily pigmented skin. We place the utmost importance on educating medical students, dermatology residents and physician trainees in various medical specialties. We have developed a formal skin of color educational curriculum for our dermatology residents which is given throughout their three years of training. Israel Englander Department of Dermatology residents also get hands-on medical and cosmetic training in skin of color through clinical exposure with patients on a daily basis. We also provide educational lectures specifically focusing on skin of color to Weill Cornell medical students.

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