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Patients of the Weill Cornell Medicine Israel Englander Department of Dermatology are provided with the very best care in all areas of medical and surgical dermatology. We also provide the next generation of dermatologists with comprehensive clinical and personal skills through our residency program, and explore new treatment approaches through a variety of research projects aimed at understanding the physiology and pathophysiology of the skin.

As a dermatology department with over 70,000 patient visits annually, we work closely with our patients to assure their highest quality of care. We are proud to offer Weill Cornell Connect for our patients to easily set up and review appointments online, access updated medical records and contact their physicians. We work constantly to improve our quality of care and awareness of patient needs.

Our active residency program prepares students for careers as outstanding clinicians and researchers, providing technical training in all aspects of surgical and medical dermatology, and imparting the values of compassion and humanism that are most important for a physician. We also provide dermatology training for physicians from other disciplines, as well as skin health education programs for the general public.

The Weill Cornell Medicine Israel Englander Department of Dermatology also engages in cutting-edge, scientific research projects relevant to dermatology and cutaneous biology. Through knowledge acquired from research breakthroughs within our department, we are able to continually improve our ability to diagnose and treat the conditions that afflict our patients.

Richard Granstein


Richard D. Granstein, M.D.
Professor & Chair
Israel Englander Department of Dermatology
Weill Cornell Medical College

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

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Israel Englander Department of Dermatology
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